In an aim to capture the Nurse Practitioner name and the caring persona, ability to understand and share the feelings of clients, NPathy was born.  

All nurses began developing their skills and practice in a hospital ward, a place where one goes to receive high level, intensive and expert treatment that cannot be provided in the community. Nurses started by the bedside, holding your hand, wiping your brow, giving you dignity when all had been lost and providing you with a shoulder to cry on. 

After decades of this, nurses have mastered the art of caring, concern, consideration and above all, empathy.  

NP is for Nurse Practitioners and empathy is what we do well!

NPathy is a private, nurse-led clinical practice and does not bulk bill. Unfortunately, Medicare are yet to recognise the immense qualifications, experience and work quality of Nurse Practitioners and therefore the rebate offered is not as you would expect. If you agree that Nurse Practitioners are not properly remunerated via the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS), please do not stay quiet. Reach out to your local MP and advocate for the great work that Nurse Practitioners do. Your voice is important. Search for your local MP here.

In addition to direct assessments and therapy, your session includes a lot of work from your Nurse Practitioner. This may include session preparation, individualised research, client-centred treatment planning, compiling of case notes, report writing and communication with your health care team. 

A Mental Health Treatment/Care Plan is not required as NPs are unable to be funded under this Medicare Benefits stream. 

A Nurse Practitioner at a minimum has a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. To get to this point, a Nurse Practitioner has at least 8-10 years’ experience. Every Nurse Practitioner is registered, regulated and endorsed by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority (AHPRA).  

Mental Health Nurse Practitioners have all been heavily mentored, under the guidance and knowledgeable wings of other experienced Nurse Practitioners and Psychiatrists. Nurse Practitioners have clinical supervisors to reflect with, learn from and build evidence-based clinical knowledge. You can be assured that your case will be approached in a holistic manner, drawing on the most researched, evidence-based and proven techniques. All areas of wellbeing are addressed – biological health including diet, exercise, sleep; your mental health including your history, trauma, emotions, personality structure; and your social health including friends, family, work, accommodation. 

Nurse Practitioners are able to prescribe most medications like antidepressants, antipsychotics and anxiolytics on and off PBS.

NPs in VIC and QLD can prescribe psychostimulants after a psychiatrist or paediatrician has initiated. Unfortunately, the legislation in NSW is yet to catch up. NPathy’s NP profiles will state their location so you can choose a NP with appropriate prescribing authorities for your state if you may need psychostimulant medications.

If you have any questions about what NPs can prescribe, please contact us on 1300NPATHY.

If you have Overseas Visitor Private Health Cover or Overseas Worker Private Health Cover, you will be eligible for 100% of the MBS item which is a rebate of $52.70, regardless of how much you pay for the session.

Unfortunately, Nurse Practitioners are not recognised under hospitals or extras for Australian residents who have private health cover. Nurse Practitioners are not considered ancillary and sit vaguely under medical services.

Nurse Practitioners are required to pay annual registration fees and membership to governing bodies (e.g. AHPRA, ACNP), as well as keep up to date annual professional indemnity, public liability insurances and workers compensation as required.

NPathy commits to regular business running costs such as website updates and maintenance, cyber-security, telehealth software, client management systems, software providers, email and domains, administration, head office rental, telephone and internet charges etc. NPs also access compulsory professional development/training of 30 hours per year. 

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) proposes a number of recommendations in a submission entitled ‘Development of the National Mental Health Workforce Strategy 2021-2031’. These include an urge for the government to invest in strategies to increase the number of specialist mental health nurses, which would bridge critical gaps in mental health care, particularly in community settings. RANZCP emphasises that specialist mental health nurses provide broad support for individuals with mental health conditions and the clinical skills are complementary to psychiatric care which contribute to a team-based approach in the private sector.

Nurse Practitioners are well recognised in the Draft National Mental Health Workforce Strategy 2021-2031. NPs form an essential part of the mental health workforce, especially where service gaps are present. NPathy fills this gap by connecting the most rural and remote clients to expert mental health care.

The Australian College of Nurse Practitioners (ACNP) advocates strongly for Nurse Practitioners as well as a number of other nursing bodies including Australian College of Nursing (ACN) and the Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA).

NPathy Nurse Practitioners are independent contractors. In the first instance, please contact your individual Nurse Practitioner to discuss your concerns. Communication is the best way to resolve any issues. If your complaint as not been addressed, please use the contact page to inform NPathy the matter and you will be contacted to discuss a resolution.

Should your matter still not be able to be resolved, you are able to contact the following bodies for further assistance:
Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Authority (AHPRA) 
Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) for NSW-based NPs. If your NP is based elsewhere, please ask your NP which complaints commission is applicable in your circumstances.


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